Your Ring Bearer’s Sister and Flower Girl’s Brother

Luckily for my then-fiance and I, it was super easy to choose the minis for our wedding – our flower girl and ring bearer. There was only one little girl the right age and one little boy, each from different sides of the family. Josh had barely gotten the engagement ring on my finger when I was planning how I was going to ask them to be in the wedding!

Just like with our bridesmaids and groomsmen, we wanted to do something fun for the little ones! For the curious, this is what we did for the “bigs”.

On top of honoring the ring bearer and flower girl, we also wanted to take into consideration their siblings. Our ring bearer has a little sister and our flower girl, a big brother. We wanted to keep to tradition with just one flower girl and ring bearer, but we also didn’t want their siblings to feel left out or like they were less special. 

Even better – I get to make FOUR gifts for the minis!

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to do puzzles. The flower girl (4) was just starting to read a little bit but the ring bearer (3) couldn’t read at all yet which was perfect! I could give them the puzzles to put together and they would be able to put together the whole thing before their parent could read them what it says, and why they did the puzzle to begin with. 

I ended up making the puzzles in Adobe Illustrator.

What to do when making a puzzle:

  • Look for natural parts in the design you’re turning into a puzzle, then create the male/female attachment between those pieces. 
Seven pieces here, made for the youngest nugget, but I think also the most successful

What NOT to do when making a puzzle:

  • Grab an image of a puzzle pattern, overlay it on your design, then use that. It makes the edges very weird. 
Like the puny piece on his right shin – what was I thinking?

Unfortunately I didn’t make this discovery until the six-year-old tried to put it together, but he did it! Weird edges and all.

Yucky pictures, but the smallest writing on the two middle puzzles simply say, “Love, Uncle Josh and Auntie Erica”

To go with the puzzles, I wanted to give a stuffed animal that somehow represented the event. This was when Toys R Us were going out of business (I know, I’m sorry if I pulled at a wound) but the nice thing was that I had my pick of the stuffies! I could afford them all! That said, ever hear of something called “overchoice” otherwise known as “analysis paralysis”? Basically, there were too many options! I sent this picture to the fiance for some help.

They’re all so cute!!

We finally ended up on the four little puppies because they had collars to which I could attach little licenses that said “Damon 03/17/10” to commemorate the event. I debated Sculpey Clay or laser cut wood licenses, but finally went with the wood because for me it was easier. 

Finally, I wanted to do a little something extra for the ring bearer and flower girl since they were the ones putting in the work. I found a little bowtie to tie around the ring bearer’s pup’s neck and a little flower crown with some jewelry for the flower girl’s puppy. 

Please excuse my grandmother in the background – we lived with her at the time and she was pretty excited about the puppies, too!

In the end, these guys were a hit! The flower girl and ring bearer seemed excited to be doing a job they knew nothing about, and the siblings were happy not to be left out.

If I were to do this over, I would simply fix the puzzles to work a little better. I also might put the childrens’ names on the licenses, too.

Then again, if I were to do this again I’d probably do something entirely different just for the fun of it!

All four cuties having a blast on the dance floor!
They’re such hams I love it

I’ll share how I made the flower girl’s dress (and the surprise in contains!) in a future post – stay tuned!