Inexpensive Bachelorette Games and Puzzles: A Matching Set

Guys, I’m at that age. You know the one – when everyone your age starts getting married and having babies. It’s kinda weird sometimes, like oh I didn’t know Jenny-who-was-trying-to-kick-her-thumb-sucking-habit-in-6th-grade is pregnant! Or oh look, Francisca-who-skipped-school-on-gay-rights-day-because-she’s-so-anti-gay is marrying a chick now!

But hey, it’s fun! Besides, following my recent wedding, it would be hypocritical for me to complain about anyone else’s nuptials.

It also means that lots of my friends are getting married which is a blast! Of course then my friends and my friends of my friends ask me to help creatively and I end up getting wrapped up in crazy projects which is exhausting.

Here is the fruit of one of my more recent projects! I originally made it for a friend of a friend of a friend’s bachelorette (yikes!) and ended up using it for a bachelorette I went to, too!

The problem:

There are lots of bachelorette games out there, but when you print random ones they don’t match which looks sloppy.

The solution:

Make them match!

The games in the packet:

Dirty Drink It

This is basically a never-have-I-ever drinking game: four rounds, each getting more intense. Take a drink every time the answer is yes, everything from have you ever sent nudes to have you ever had a threesome. At the bachelorette, two of us just drank orange juice and we still had a ball! It lead to some great stories.

Bride Libs

Rated PG (depending on how you play it). This one was a blast, though a bit redundant. The bride kept it to read at the rehearsal dinner!

Porn or Polish

This is exactly what it sounds like: is the given name a nail polish or the title of a porn? I honestly can’t believe some of the answers! “Meet Balls” porn or polish??

Dirty Minds

This is a list of dirty riddles. We played it by having one person read the riddles one at a time while everyone else guessed as a group so it was a social gam, but people could do them on their own, too!

Wedding Emoji

Rated G for everybody, this game gives a series of emojis that mean something wedding-y that you have to guess. For example, guess this one: 😊👰
Blushing bride

Dirty Pictionary

This game can be as short or long as you want! It’s a list of words that you cut up and put in a hat, then one at a time someone pulls a word that they have to draw and other people have to guess what it is. Die-hard pictionary enthusiasts will tell you to get into teams and during each round, one person per team pulls a word to draw and only their team guesses before a timer goes off (a correct guess is 1 point). Since there were only 5 of us at my friend’s bachelorette, we just had one person draw at a time and everyone got to guess (no points for anyone). It’s a blast! I mean, have YOU ever thought about how to visually communicate the word “horny”?

Well ladies, have fun and pack some aspirin!