About Me

I do a lot of DIY stuff – I come from a super creative family so every fiber of my DNA tells me to DIY. My problem is that I can never choose just one thing to do or make. I’m always told to focus, choose one thing and get really good at it. Then after I try something new, I figure it was fun, but look at all the other things to try! With that said, here’s a short list of things you may come across on this blog:

Bath Bombs

Automatic Dog Feeder

Resin Pendants

Laser Cutting (A Lot)

Recycled Dog Toys

Vinyl Cutting

Ugly Cakes that Taste Good

Pretty Cakes that Taste Bad

Epoxying a Basement Floor

Sewing an Infinity Dress

Card Designing

UV Nail Art





And so on.

I most certainly don’t get everything right… but as Bob Ross says,

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 

I’m off to go make something! Hopefully we both learn a little along the way.