Google Sheets and Adobe Illustrator – Creating Variables for Easy Bingo Cards

I’m trying something new! What with the pandemic going on, I’ve found myself having to be more comfortable in front of a camera and making videos. When I coupled that fact with some pretty neat new tricks I’ve been learning for Illustrator, I figured I’d give some videos a go!

For a bridal shower, I wanted to make Bingo cards. How hard could that be?

Way harder than I thought.

At first I didn’t realize that every card had to be different. So basically, I need 30 Bingo cards? I gotta make 30 Bingo cards.



Heck no.

That’s when I learned that Google Sheets and Adobe Illustrator can work in harmony to make life a lot easier! They meld together using Variables.

So here you go! How to use Google Sheets to create variables for Illustrator and make as many Bingo cards as you want!

Plus they’re transferrable skills – I also used this trick to make individually addressed postcards (not gonna lie, pretty proud of myself).

I hope you enjoyed this DIY – don’t hesitate to let me know if I wasn’t clear on anything and I’m also always up for comments/suggestions!



3 thoughts on “Google Sheets and Adobe Illustrator – Creating Variables for Easy Bingo Cards”

  1. I am very new to Adobe Illustrator. I am trying to learn as I need projects. Do you have a video on how you created the bingo card itself?


    1. If you’re interested I can certainly do a quick “how-to” for the bingo cards! Creating the graphics can take a while to design, but the layout itself is fairly simple to whip up once you get going!


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