Christmas Gnomes: 3 Dollar Tree Christmas Decoration DIYs

Christmas Gnomes: 3 Dollar Tree Christmas Decoration DIYs

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‘Tis the season of the Christmas Gnomes! I’ve been seeing them everywhere and they’re the cutest, most adorable, most expensive things. Since there was no way I could waltz through the door $100 poorer and 3 gnomes richer without my husband shaking his head defeatedly, I decided I ought to just make them myself. I’m SO glad I did.

All three gnomes are different, but have the same nose. Each gnome cost me $6 or less and was a blast to design!


Mr. Dazzle:

  • Sequin Stocking
  • Scarf
  • Placemat
  • Bell – These aren’t the exact ones I used, but I like them better!
  • Small Plastic bat – This must be a Summer item because I can’t find it online, but I see these in almost every Dollar Tree I go to year-round.
  • Small Stones

Sir Comfy:

  • Plaid Stocking
  • Pillow for stuffing – Nothing online for this one, but check your local Dollar Tree. If I hadn’t found the pillow, I was going to use three luffas which I think would work really well!
  • Sequin Stocking – This is just for the red felt.
  • Bell
  • Small Stones

Baron Bubble:

  • Ball – This doesn’t link to the exact on I used, but it’s the same diameter.
  • Kid’s Hat – This doesn’t seem to be online, but any fuzzy hat will do!
  • Elf Hat
  • Styrofoam Cone – If you can’t find one, try a party hat!
  • Small Stones

NOTE: I just found this phenomenal Santa hat online and if anyone has it in their Dollar Tree please make a gnome out of it and show me!!

A hot mess of materials – 20 points for anyone who can guess what I’m watching!

The Nose

All the gnomes have the same nose – a tiny Christmas ornament! Buying these at the Dollar Tree pretty much ensures that they’re plastic so you can simply cut the top off. I simply hot glued these on.

Gnome #1: Mr. Dazzle

STEP 1: Cutting off the top of the bat.

Using a saw seemed to be the easiest way to do this – even if your saw is as rusty as mine… Don’t worry about messy edges since we’ll be coving them anyway. I recommend not using a powered saw. Powered saws are fast. Fast makes friction. Friction causes melting. Melting causes problems… definitely not speaking from experience here…

STEP 2: Adding some weight.

Fill the bottom with rocks so he stands nice and steady.

STEP 3: Disassembling the placemat

Separate the two pieces of fabric that make up the placemat. This not only gives you a new material (the satin) but also makes the fabric thinner and easier to work with in the next step.

STEP 4: Wrapping the bat.

Wrap the placemat around the bat and glue it on, then glue the edges of the mat together all the way up. The placemat happened to be the PERFECT width to fit the bat, but if yours isn’t, consider unfolding the seam (which you ripped away from lining) for a bit more width.

STEP 5: Tucking in the top.

Snip off the excess fabric leaving about 1″-2″. Gather up the rest and stuff it into the hole in the top of the bat. I recommend you try to do a bit of pleating here – fold the fabric rather than bunch it.

STEP 6: Disassembling the stocking

Time to destroy the stocking! Seam rip it all apart. The dollar Tree tends to baste all of their seams (long stitches) so it shouldn’t take too long to cut the seams apart.

STEP 7: Making the cone for the hat.

Cut the sequin sheet into a trapezoid shape, making the bottom part as long as you can and not cutting the angles too sharply at first, then you can make the angles sharper if you want a pointier cone. Glue the two diagonal lines together (right sides together, sequin to sequin) to create a cone shape.

STEP 8: Adding the bell to the hat.

Glue the top of the cone together and cover the glue mess with a bell! Make sure to hold the bell upside down when gluing so the ball doesn’t get stuck in the hot glue.

STEP 9: Adding the beard.

Cut the scarf to the length you want the beard. I chose to make it to the ground, so I cut it about an inch longer than that so I could stuff the top edge into the hat.

STEP 10: Adding trim to the hat.

Time to cut a piece of fabric for the bottom of the hat! Using a piece of ribbon can help with the step, but it isn’t necessary. I used a piece of ribbon to trace around so I could cut out a strip of fabric to the right size.

Gnome #2: Sir Comfort

STEP 1: Destroying the pillow.

This part’s sad but necessary. Get that fluff out so you can use it!

STEP 2: Cutting out the gnome’s shape.

Imagine a line from the tip of the toe that bisects the toe completely, then fold on it. The shape you’ll come out with will have a point on the bottom which you then need to cut off so it’s flat. The final shape will be a triangle with rounded corners.

STEP 3: Stuffing the gnome.

Glue ALMOST all of the cut edges together like a pillow, right sides together, leaving a small hole to turn it right side out and stuff. After stuffing him, add some rocks to weight him down so he sits properly and glue the hole up.

STEP 4: Making the hat.

Cut a trapezoid out of some felt (I used the back side of the stocking used for Mr. Dazzle’s hat) and create a hat with it (see making Mr. Dazzle’s hat above for more help). Turn up the bottom of the hat to create a brim and cut off the excess seam in the back.

STEP 5: The beard.

I seem to have overlooked snapping a picture of Sir Comfy’s beard… It’s the top brim of the stocking I used to make him simply cut off and glued under his hat.

STEP 6: Adding some pizazz!

Hot glue some extra fluff around the brim of the hat. The bell for this one had to be sewn – I was afraid the hot glue would look messy. I was able to pull the tip of the hat through the loop in the bell and sew it that way.

Gnome #2: Baron Bubble

STEP 1: Making the body.

Stuff the ball into the hat! Glue to the cone onto the top with LOTS of glue. Gather the brim of the hat and glue it around the ball so it’s nice and taut. The glue probably won’t stick to the ball great, but the fabric glues to itself really well which helps.

STEP 2: Making the hat.

Snip the top part of the Santa hat off and slide it over the cone. Hot glue the edges down to the hat.

STEP 3: Dealing with the hat pompoms.

The hat I used had little pompoms on them, so I glued them so they’d sit forward like little feet. If your hat doesn’t have pompoms no worries, the next step will sit him upright!

STEP 4: Sitting him upright.

Glue little stones to the bottom of the ball so he sits upright. If you don’t have the pompoms, you may want to glue the stones in a triangle pattern like a tripod. Use lots of hot glue – there are better glues to stick stones but hot glue is just fastest and as long as you use enough, it’ll do.

STEP 5: Decorating the hat.

Use the original brim from the Santa hat and cut it thinner, then turn up the bottom and glue it to hem it. You will also need to cut the length down. Glue it around the bottom of the red hat on Baron Bubble. Take some glitter ribbon and glue it around the bottom of the brim because everything needs more glitter!

That’s it!

Have fun making gnomes and send me pictures!! I always love seeing what other people come up with!



Christmas Gnomes: 3 Dollar Tree Christmas Decoration DIYs

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