Hello All

I sat in front of this “About Me” post for hours (probably only minutes) not knowing what to write before deciding that I needed some inspiration, so I added the picture at the top.

Please enjoy this very strange picture of me, holding our puppy in a loving embrace as we sit on the floor next to the refrigerator at my grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving.

I honestly have no idea why we were were there or why we were taking selfies.

The guy in the back is my then boyfriend now husband, Josh, and the furry one in the front is our forever-puppy, Ellie.

Please especially enjoy this photo because I think it’s the only one when I’m holding her and he’s not. She’s a daddy’s girl. I’m not bitter. Whatever.


We got married

Bought a house

And we’re hella broke but we’re living our little dream together!

On previous episodes of the life of EGinny, I graduated college with a degree in Product Design with a minor in Business. I currently work at a STEM center for kids where I teach, do marketing, and get to be all-around creative. At this point, I’ve been gathering a plethora of random skills from the Adobe suite to Google marketing to doing headstands and I’m just trying to sort it all out into something useful – hopefully this blog will help with that!



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